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We are glad to present You a pharmacy discount network of Canadian pharmacies . In pharmacies you can purchase medicines at one of the lowest prices on the market. Our strategy is advantageous prices and a wide offer. If the buyer need some rare, expensive medication, he can find it with us at very competitive price. Towards Canadian pharmacies, we are accustomed from childhood: medicine, laid out behind a glass storefronts, laconic green design, attentive pharmacists.

In our pharmacy with open display of goods, convenient location in downtown and residential areas. Has more than 8 thousand names of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. Offers professional advice to buyers, a variety of client services and is a flexible system of discounts and pricing policy.

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When you transfer a prescription to a representative to verify that the prescription signed by the doctor and certified his personal seal on one prescription form issued not more than 3 drugs, on the letterhead prescription no fixes. In the upper left corner of the prescription form must be stamped medical organization indicating its name, address and phone number on the letterhead of a prescription issued by a private physician in the upper left corner of the paper or by the stamp must be specified address of physician, number, date and validity period of the license, the name of the public authority that issued the document confirming the existence of the license. When the discrepancy between the transferred prescription the requirements above, the dispensing of medicines is not performed.

Contemporary pharmacy with a wide range of medicines, patient-care items, devices for home diagnostics and cosmetics brands. Pharmacy is unique in that we have combined two contradictory things: a modern form of trade with open display of goods on the shelves, spacious location and reasonable prices.

Buyers can easily find the pharmacy has an attractive appearance with a bright red facade and logo in the shape of a heart. By such a pharmacy by no means pass. But in this pharmacy does not only design, but also the content of force customers back again and again. Pharmacy combines several advantages: first, it's lowest prices. Secondly, it is the widest selection. And thirdly, is the professionalism of pharmacists and comfortable modern interior.

But beyond that traditional pharmacies assortment buyers will also find a large selection of medical cosmetics of famous brands. Note that cosmetics is here presented again at the most attractive prices. We always have pharmacies a wide range of products for mother and baby, diet, and care for the sick.

Thought through and developed their professionals pharmacy network, pursuing the main idea is to make quality products at affordable prices. Network values its good name, so when the products are used only safe, high quality materials and natural ingredients. The goods produced by enterprises that have passed a rigorous selection process. This is why you can be confident in the quality and excellent properties of the products. And prices will pleasantly surprise!

The pharmacy employs highly qualified pharmacists with extensive experience and work experience. Buyers always will listen, advise on any drugs, and consultant medical cosmetics will help you choose the right product.

Here you can buy goods at one of the lowest prices on the market. Our pharmacy has a social orientation, we do not earn high margins. We adhere to this pricing policy to the cost of drugs and medical cosmetics were lower than in any nearby drugstore. This is why we always have a lot of buyers.

We think through their procurement policies with suppliers so that the pharmacy had the opportunity to conduct promotions that attract many buyers. For example, in autumn and winter we planned action for the prevention and treatment of colds. In addition, we do not lag behind modern trends - our network has developed a special bonus program for regular customers. This is a convenient way additional savings on purchases. Become the owner of the loyalty cards you can just fill in the questionnaire of the participant of the program at any pharmacy. Accumulating points by purchasing products in our pharmacies or paying for utilities, airline tickets, cell phones, making purchases over the Internet, you can get discounts up to 99% in a Canadian pharmacy and program partners. And finally, sometimes we just give gifts to our customers has loved us and came to us forever.

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