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The reputation of our company is the key to Your respect, our integrity and delivery of the goods to the consumer.

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What is Internet pharmacy or, as it is called, pharmacy online? This is an extremely convenient service search and order the right medicines, drugs, medical cosmetics and related products. Now there is no need a long time to search for a specific pharmaceutical products in and around the city pharmacies, the Internet has entered every home. Any visitor of the website, from the comfort of your home or office, you may choose the necessary levitra and to fill out a simple order form. Pharmacy at home - that's the essence of this service. In our time shopping in online pharmacy is very simple.
Internet pharmacies have another great advantage: you can get acquainted with the trading proposals indefinitely. And only when you thoroughly examine all the information, ask a question and get a reasoned response, proceed to checkout.

Select the category that applies to the desired pharmaceutical products (drugs, medical cosmetics, products for mom and baby, veterinary products). Locate the desired item in the list.
Add selected products to your personal shopping cart, enter the number of units.
You can continue searching for needed medicines. Online pharmacy store all the selected products to your online shopping cart.
Next, our online pharmacy offers you to order. To do this, click on the link in the trash and carefully fill in the form. Specify name, address, phone number and convenient time of execution of the order. Below you will see all selected items and their cost. Again make sure that everything is filled out correctly. Send virtual order form.
Our operator will contact You and will specify the delivery address, the name and quantity of the ordered goods. Service pharmacies - shipping takes into account Your wishes regarding the time of occurrence of the courier. If the product is out of stock, the operator will offer similar.
When the courier will give You an order, be sure to check it for compliance and completeness. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and appearance of products. Rent receipt.

Storage of goods occurs on its own pharmacy stock, which has a modern warehouse and refrigeration equipment, which allows for storage of different groups of drugs with respect to their physico-chemical properties.

In the structure of the company has its own quality control Department drugstore products, which in addition to check the availability of documents confirming the quality of products that provides additional input quality control of medicines. Input control includes a selection of secondary sampling at the intake of the drug to the warehouse, a preliminary check on the three indicators (description, packing, marking and registration of medicines in the Regional Centres of quality control and certification of medicines, which give permission for implementation in the regions.

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