Our online Pharmacy has no secrets from buyers, and so we would like to tell You how we work.

After You have placed an order in our online pharmacy, order is automatically assigned a number, and Your order, with the received number, enqueued.

Naturally, orders placed before Your order are closer to the front of the queue.

Employees of the customer service centre process orders as and strictly in the order they are received.

As an Internet Pharmacy does not have an unlimited quantity of the goods (and any other store),i.e. the quantity is limited, first action of the employee service center check the real presence* and conforming status** of the ordered goods.

Just be sure that the order can be executed according to these two criteria (availability of goods at the time of order and the certified state), the employee service center will contact You to confirm your order and additional approval of the date and time of delivery.

If You want to have information about the availability of the items You require, in this case, You had better to use the "Order by phone".

Making a call on the telephone number, You are also more quickly will be able to get answers to your questions.

Because the site is dynamically updated showcase Internet Pharmacies, cannot be ruled out technical bugs and glitches that occur when you upgrade.

Such failures can cause the display of incorrect rates*** the proposed product. In this case, the Employees of the customer service center will contact you to inform You about the real price of the goods. On incorrect price goods can be purchased.

Confirmation of the presence or absence of pre-ordered goods, as well as the possibility of delivery of the goods for the house, You will be presented the staff of the customer service center when you call the telephone numbers or via e-mail, specified in the application form.

* Check real items are needed because there may be cases when one and the same item available in a limited quantity, can do multiple orders by analogy with conventional Pharmacies the goods will be sent to those customers whose order was created earlier.

** Check the conforming status of the goods is also necessary, because we cannot eliminate the possibility of damage to the goods during the transportation of the goods to the warehouse.

*** Under an incorrect price payable shall be displayed on the website is clearly low price

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